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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Country Music and Iran

One of the primary arguments against the Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines famous statements in 2003 is that Maines should not have criticized the leader of our country while our country was at war. Proponents of this argument believe that the time for debate is before a war, and once the troops’ feet hit enemy soil, flag-waving is the only moral form of public expression.

I’m going to put my opinion of this argument aside for the purposes of discussion.... Discussion about Iran.

Even though a war with Iran is still an idea only mentioned through anonymous sources and rumor, I think it’s about time we start to have the national debate. The country must come down on the side of “war as only a complete last resort” before discussion is stifled by guilt and/or moral gusto about disagreeing with a cause for which our sons and daughters are dying. The debate would benefit from the opinions of Toby Keith (iTunes) and other troop favorites like Montgomery Gentry (iTunes) and Chely Wright (iTunes). I’d also like to know what these stars think about President Bush and his boys leading the way again. I suspect that Toby, and possibly others, aren’t too hot on the idea. I just wish they’d speak out before they can use the “I’m not going to criticize Bush while our boys and girls are on the ground” smokescreen.

For a country music star, it’s very easy to speak out in favor of a war because there is massive support among country fans for our troops. This incredible and heartwarming support is a quality unique to country music. Can we take this love of our troops a step further by launching a “war as only a complete last resort” campaign and keeping our sons and daughters out of harm’s way (unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary) in the first place?

My small addition to the Iran debate: North Korea and Pakistan already have nuclear weapons. North Korea has a leader even more crazy than Iran’s Ahmadinejad and Pakistan’s Musharraf is definitely no FDR (or Reagan). I find this helpful to remember when I get frightened about Ahmadinejad having a nuke to wave around when he is threatening the West and Israel. Also, we must remember that we can bring Iran’s leaders to their knees if we can bring down the price of non-renewable energy through green technologies and conservation. That would be a win-win situation if I’ve ever heard of one.


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