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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chesney Performs at White House, Receives Boots as Party Favor

The devoutly apolitical country superstar Kenny Chesney briefly put aside his flip flops and straw hat on Tuesday night when he performed at the White House’s black-tie dinner for visiting Australian Prime Minister John Howard. President Bush was, of course, in the audience.

Although Chesney’s appearance at the White House may appear implicitly supportive of Bush, Chesney recently told X Radio that he has absolutely zero political ambitions:
"I'm probably the least political person in the world. That doesn't mean I don't care what's going in our country, but I don't want to run for office. I just want everybody to get along and be happy, and that's it."
The Washington Post is reporting that Connecticut-native Bush presented Chesney with a pair of customized cowboy boots featuring the initials “K.C.“ and the United States and Australian flags. According to the Post’s report on the dinner, Chesney wore the size 7 1/2 boots (You know what they say about a man with small feet...Small shoes) when he performed.

The Post article also reveals an embarrassing fact about Bush, Jr.: he owns two dozen cowboy boots by the maker of Chesney’s boots, RJ’s Boot Co. Moreover, Bush, Sr. apparently has sixty freakin’ pairs in his closet! That rivals Elton John’s sunglasses collection. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton owns a dozen pairs himself, but at size 13, his are three sizes bigger than Bush, Jr.’s. Maybe size does matter...

The take-home message:

* Chesney = size 7 1/2
* Bush, Jr. = size 10
* Bush, Sr. = size 11
* Clinton = size 13

Photo by Evan F. Sisley of Bloomberg News.


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