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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How Many Records Could Bush Sell This Week?

While perusing the Country Music Television (CMT) message boards on the Dixie Chicks, I noticed an intriguing statement from one angry anti-Chicks country fan:
“More people support the President...than the Chicks you love."
While this person had no facts to back up his or her claim (and misspelled “George” in the title of the post), s/he does bring up an interesting question: Both Bush and the Dixie Chicks have seen a precipitous fall in popularity of late, but who has fallen lower? Whom does the country respect the least? With Bush consistently getting approval ratings in the low 30s, I’d be willing to bet my entire Chicks collection that Bush would give up all of his Sara Evans CDs if it meant he could be as well-liked by the Nation as the Chicks are.

Some of the evidence behind my wager: A recent poll by a TV station in Lubbock, TX - a town ridiculed directly in the Chicks’ new album - revealed that 80 percent of the station’s viewers will not buy the CD. That means, however, that 20 percent will plunk down their hard-earned cash for the Chicks...And that is in Lubbock! It can only go up from there. In Philly, for instance, 28.8 percent of country radio listeners plan to buy the CD. Imagine what happens when we add in the people who support the Chicks, but don’t like the music enough to buy the album! The sum total will be quite a bit above Bush’s 33 percent.

I wonder how many albums Bush could sell right now? Probably about the same number as social security reforms he sold last year.


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