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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Keith Urban, Condoms, and My Overture To The Religious Right

Well, it’s official: country star Keith Urban and movie star Nicole Kidman, the two sexiest people South of the Equator, are engaged. Many readers of this website have likely greatly enjoyed a Keith Urban fantasy or two, and to those readers, I can only offer my deepest and sincerest sympathies.

But Liberal Country Fan ladies (and some Liberal Country Fan men), do not despair! There may be some good to come out of this! Hiding within the cloud of sorrow of your loss may lie a light of political opportunity: an overture to the Religious Right.

I’ll explain.

The Liberal Country Fan is all about improving this great country (the nation AND the music), and sometimes improvement involves compromise. However, the Religious Right is one of the most impossible movements with which to compromise. But news of this recent Aussie Amalgamation provides us with the perfect key to starting a dialog with the God For Present brigade. Pat Robertson and friends, I’ll support a ban on contraceptives, but only in the case of Nicole and Keith. It’s a win-win. You’ll like that seed is not being wasted, and I’ll like that there will be a guaranteed large supply of sexy sexy sexy people for my children to fantasize about. They may not have clean air to breath, but with a plethora of Urban-Kidman offspring running about the globe, my kids won’t care!

Now, Pat, about your stance on homosexuality...


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