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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Brunswick, Liberal Country Fan's Adopted Canadian Province

When I started Liberal Country Fan, I never expected that the site would develop a significant following in the eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick. I figured Canadians in the Prairie Provinces, which are known for their large country music fan base, would be interested, but the New Brunswickers have blown me away with their commitment to the Liberal Country Fan cause. As a show of gratitude and as an educational opportunity for all, I thought I’d dedicate a post to honoring Liberal Country Fan’s proportionally huge New Brunswicker readership.

After doing some research into New Brunswick and its musical heritage, it is no surprise to me that the province has a strong confluence of left-leaning politics and country-leaning music tastes. Covered by the Appalachian Mountains, victim of a long-suffering economy, and home to a strong sense of tradition, New Brunswick is reminiscent of West Virginia, a state smack in the middle of America’s country music heartland. Similarly, just as in West Virginia, rural values and the working class ethic, which are traditionally so important to country music, seem alive and well in New Brunswick. However, whereas some rural and economically disadvantaged areas in the United States similar to New Brunswick have, unfortunately, allied themselves closely to the party that can least help them, New Brunswickers voted strongly to the left in the last Canadian national elections. The province has a conservative provincial government, but solid-blue California does as well.

Canadian folk-country mega-legend Stompin’ Tom Connors was born in New Brunswick. Connors was voted #13 on the Greatest Canadians list, beating out Neil Young, Shania Twain, Jim Carrey, and even hockey superstar Mario Lemeiux. Although almost completely unknown outside of Canada, his "Hockey Song" is played in NHL arenas everywhere.

The town of Miramichi, NB and its hinterland are particularly known for country music, owing to the area’s joint Acadian, Scottish, and Irish heritage. Since Acadians and Cajuns are very closely related, it’s almost like New Brunswick is Louisiana and Tennessee all rolled into one. No wonder NB folk are country folk! New Brunswickers will get to show off their love of country during this year’s Canadian Country Music Awards, which will be held in September in the largest city in New Brunswick, Saint John.

Finally, this post should probably be translated into French as New Brunswick is the home to a significant francophone population. If you think this population couldn’t possibly be interested in country music, think again. Alive and well in NB is the genre of franco-country, which is essentially country music sung in French. I wonder what Bill O’Reilly would have to say about that...

New Brunswickers: Did I miss something? Make a mistake? Fire me an e-mail or leave a comment! Also, I am looking for a Canadian who is interested in blogging about Canadian Liberal Country Fan issues. Send me an e-mail if interested.


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