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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

See Reba Diss the Chicks (And Watch Eddie Montgomery Make a Fool of Himself)

An enterprising YouTube citizen has posted a short video of Reba McEntire’s pitiful barb at the Dixie Chicks at last week’s Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards, which Reba was hosting. Click here to watch!

The video is angering (What a bunch of bullies!), but it is required viewing for those following the Chicks. Particularly telling are the audience reaction shots:

John Rich (of Big & Rich) and Sara Evans both laughed politely, possibly worrying sensibly that, thanks to the bullying nature of much of the country music industry, they too could be a single sentence away from ending their careers...Talent or no talent.
Big Kenny, the other half of Big & Rich, was being his typical self and not paying attention.
• Eddie Montgomery (of Montgomery Gentry) gave Reba a passionate, standing ovation.

We have not yet discussed Montgomery Gentry and their catchy - but occasionally shockingly idiotic - brand of countrified southern rock. I’ll leave that for another (long) post another time. However, I hope that one day, I’ll be able to give a standing ovation to future ACM host Tim McGraw when points out the idiocy of the following song lyric from Montgomery Gentry’s “You Do Your Thing”:
I ain't tradin' in my family's safety
Just to save a little gas
What about the effect gas has on our NATIONAL safety, not to mention GLOBAL safety, Mr. Montgomery? Can you believe these guys are considered patriotic, and the Dixie Chicks are called traitors?

But enough ranting. Check out the video. It’ll make you cringe.


  • At 1:15 AM, Blogger Brent said…


    Simple principle: criticize while in the US, not outside the US. Have at it while in the family, community, country - but politely decline to be political outside the borders.
    Feel free to agree or not - but it's worked pretty well for over 200 years. Every exception has proven the stupidity of those speaking - and eventually done little or no harm to the US, except to cause unnecessary hurt feelings amoong many. So, in essence, it's really about protecting the speaker from their lower, idiotic selves, and saving the feelings of those here that might feel otherwise, and want to enjoy the argument as among fellow countrymen.

    So sad for the Chicks - they could say what they want over here and have kept the majority of their audience. But, like Jane Fonda, they will grow old and regretful for their stubborn self-righteous insistence at being "right", eventually wondering what their careers could have really been.
    And they are on the wrong side of history.

    Let me please explain . . . less than 10 years from now, the changing of Iraq into a democracy - the first, but not last, in the Middle East, will already be seen as the smartest move that America could make towards slowing the reach of terrorism. Yes, that's right - IRAQ.

    Lincoln was hated as much at his death by Northerners as Southerners, and considered a "failure" by the majority of the country, even though now considered brilliant, and winning the Civil War. He had "low approval ratings". Intellectuals of the burgeoning New York and Boston corridors disdained the "religious Prevaricate". I used to teach U.S. History. I liked to ask students in my classes how it must feel to have their relatives on the wrong side of history - because the odds were in favor of the majority of students - those with family descent tracable to Civil War America - having descended from Lincoln-haters. Almost without exception, they took offense - "my great grandparents weren't that stupid". But again, the odds were that they probably were.

    So, if you can't see past your nose today to the wisdom of America liberating Iraq, despite all of the cost(sigh, how do you teach the closed-minded?) then question:

    How does it feel to know in advance that you're going to be on the wrong side of history?

    Lincoln was dismissed - History proved him right.
    Truman was dismissed - History set his story right.
    Reagan was dismissed - History (and
    quickly) proved him right.
    W is dissed - but, again, History will prove him right - and History will prove, inevitably, those who opposed him wrong.

  • At 10:45 AM, Blogger Brent Hecht said…


    I'm going to put the Dixie Chicks issue aside for the purpose of keeping this posting short.

    Your focus on the long-term is admirable in today's instant gratification society. I VERY much hope that you are correct that the Iraq War will turn out to be a positive turning point in history, but right now, it looks like it is turning into another Vietnam... And for that war, the war protestors were on the "winning" side of history.

    I also don't think America will ever forget the weapons of mass destruction debacle, which is the reason we went there in the first place. We also won't forget the arrogance and ineptitude with which the war was conducted. I was originally for the war as I believed that the people of Iraq needed help, but we have ended up hurting them more than helping them thanks to our lies and failures...And in doing so, we have lost so many American lives.

    For the sake of all the Americans and Iraqis that have died since 2003, I pray that we can fix the situation. I think that'll probably take a different President, though...

  • At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The video is no longer there jackass!

    You're a typical liberal, whining about all of our problems on his/her blog.

    Country Music has no place for you liberals! We're taking you out one at a time. Maybe you can join the biggest jackass of all, Obama, and his brother Osama when we kick the both of you out of this great country!


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