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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Video from the Dixie Chicks’ Stellar Larry King Interview

The Dixie Chicks gave a fascinating live interview on CNN’s Larry King Live last night. Their thoughtful and intellectual answers to questions belied the "born middle finger first" character of the media coverage they have received recently. That’s not to say that they aren’t firebrands - the rebelliousness of lead singer Natalie Maines was subtlely apparent in the interview - but they brand their fire in a much more sensible and calculated manner than previous media coverage has suggested.

I’ve selected some of the more captivating excerpts from the interview and posted them below. Whether you fall on the right or the left of the political spectrum, I’m pretty sure you’ll be more impressed with the Chicks after watching each clip:

Video: Martie Maguire responds to Reba McEntire and Toby Keith
"I was a huge Reba fan growing up and I still am. It was personal for me when I felt like she went out of her way to say negative things about us." - Martie
Video: The Chicks discuss the personal attacks on them and their careers
"It wasn't a matter of 'I personally I'm not going to listen to you anymore, I disagree with you, I'm not going to buy your CD', even coming to a show and holding up a sign. These were groups that are very well organized and basically either want to either harm you or just ruin your career." - Emily Robison
Video: Dixie Chicks say they’ll go to Iraq if invited
"I used to think they wouldn't want us to come and I would be embarrassed because I would think they believed the rhetoric or whatever that we didn't support them, and then, you know, after being with the Navy last weekend, I realized that it wouldn't be like that and it would be great for us to do that." - Natalie Maines
Video: Natalie on the hatred directed towards them by some of their former fans
"There was a mother holding her 2- year-old son outside of a show protesting, and telling our camera, 'Screw 'em, screw 'em!' And then [she] turned to her two-year-old and said, 'Say screw 'em!'"
Video: Emily on Donald Rumsfeld
"He’s the Weaver" (referring to his ability to weave around questions)
Video: Natalie discusses the background behind the London comments
"...To me, I am patriotic because I didn't want people to die without a reason handed to us and shown to us, and proof."
Video: Natalie talks about making her comment in London as opposed to in the United States
"I felt like I was defending America by saying that we don't all think the same and you can't just call us Americans like we all have one voice and one opinion."
Video: Chicks talk about being #1
"I thank our fans for that, our great fans, our wonderful fans." - Emily


  • At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love the Chicks! I am a fan for life. You go girls! I love you Natalie ... stay true.

    Thank you, Larry for letting us hear from the Chicks.

    Debby from TX


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