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Monday, June 05, 2006

Wal-mart don't lie (when it comes to country music)

The common wisdom these days is that the majority of country fans have abandoned the Dixie Chicks. But why then would Wal-mart brag about selling the Chicks’ new album in the latest issue of Country Weekly, the predominant magazine of the genre? Wal-mart obviously thinks Country Weekly readers want to buy the new album.

Why don’t country radio stations assume that their listeners also want to buy the album? Since Wal-mart shoppers and country radio listeners have a large degree of overlap, one must assume that some sort of bias is entering into the situation. According to this Wal-mart ad, if it were left to pure market forces, country radio would pushing the Chicks’ singles on a daily basis

What type of bias is at play? What is the “disconnect”, as Dixie Chick Emily Robison would say? My slightly educated guess is that country radio station managers are still sore from the fallout of 2003 and a very vocal anti-Chicks minority is making it its duty to call into radio stations complaining about the Chicks. On the latter of these points however, country radio would benefit to notice that Wal-mart is obviously unafraid of an anti-Chicks boycott.


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